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How to increase Instagram activity

Фотография к новости How to increase Instagram activity

Almost 40,000,000 Russians use Instagram, more than 23,000,000 of which were active only in December last year. Their interaction with published content is at a high level: 1.8 million images published by the Romans recorded more than nine million likes. It is very profitable to buying comments on instagram as it brings a good profit.

It's no surprise that Internet marketing experts are increasingly talking about integrating Instagram into their online marketing strategies. I talked to Robert Cathay, an Internet marketing specialist and founder, about how to promote yourself, a site dedicated to network and visual communication strategies.

How did Instagram become such an important network? There are two questions. First, Instagram is a network for photography enthusiasts that was used almost exclusively on mobile terminals released in 2010, which enjoyed huge success thanks to photo filters that, once added, gave images a retro look. Although you can view and interact with user and browser images on your laptop, you can't publish images other than on your mobile phone. After all, mobile Internet is constantly growing. At the level of Russia in October 2015, there were more than 10.5 million smartphones, and in 2014 alone, more than 16.2 million mobile connections were registered. 7.5 million Romans use the Android platform, and 1.5 million use the iPhone model.

Facebook Instagram Facebook Instagram, although the number of users may seem small compared to Facebook, which has more than eight million users, the network is in constant expansion and so far has not affected the display of messages according to various algorithms, to which is also added the fact that only last year companies started investing in paid messages on Instagram, which makes the" channels " of users are not yet stifled by advertising, which guarantees more attention to the transmitted message.

Although in recent years there has been more talk about examples in areas such as companies in the fashion or sports industry that there are no suitable niches where efficiency will be higher. "I don't think there is a specific business niche that is suitable for promotion on Instagram. Of course, if we were talking in the context of cliseic "business based on visual communication", then we could differentiate everything that visual appealing means: fashion, food, sport, tech.

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